The most original and fun way to enjoy Gran Canaria


Discover "beer bike", also known as "bici birra" or "bici bar"
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Up to 18 people

Multitándem bike for up to 18 people with incorporated tap beer, with which you can explore Gran Canaria in an original way, different and above all very funny.

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Beer or other drinks

Beerbike GC is a “beer bike”, also known as “bike bar” or “beer bike”, a unique experience is the best plan to visit Gran Canaria leisure with friends, celebrating cuplemaños, farewells, etc.

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45 minutes tour

The tour is 45 minutes and passes so well known places like Playa de Las Canteras, Casa de Colón … With Beerbike GC see Gran Canaria from another perspective, aboard a bike beer.

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A unique experience is the best entertainment plan to visit the capital with friends. It is also ideal for celebrating birthdays, bachelor parties.

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What is a Beer Bike?

Known worldwide for its name in English means "bici cerveza"
New way of understanding the sport, ecology and gastronomic pleasure

The bike beer known worldwide for its name in English means "bici cerveza" is a new way of understanding the concept of sport, ecology and gastronomic pleasure, while enjoying the surroundings of a beautiful city .

The beer bike is a vehicle for up to 19 people, with traction pedal 12 of them and led by an experienced sober driver will be responsible for providing food and drink customers want. (Where is not moving).

The beer bike pedal saloon is one of the most famous activities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Nierrdenhein, Munster, Freibrg, Bamberg, London Liverpool and an endless number of European cities.

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